The history of Pragpur or in other words if we refresh the past memories then many events –affairs of more or less importance just occurs before the eyes.(Adding about 56 years to an AD, we get "Vikram Samvat")

  • 1926: 
    • At the west end of the village new trough was made.
  • 1934: 
    • "Jain Kelavani Pracharak Mandal" was established.
  • 1939: 
    • A fence was built around Shah Bukhari Peer (Shamraj peer) Dargah by Shri Vershi Taiya Vora.
  • 1944: 
    • zealous youngsters of the village, Shri Ramji Hirji, Shri Morarji Devraj, Shri Velji Ranshi and Shri Meghji Shivji established "Shri Pragpur Jain Yuvak Sangh"
    • This establishment undertook various useful and beneficial activities for the villagers like Library, first aid treatment facility for the sick, water kiosk, cleaning of village and a girl’s school for education.
  • 1945: 
    • Mahasati Ladhibai swami of Shri Aath Koti Nani Paksh left for her heavenly abode.
    • at Chinchpokli wadi on 2-5-1954, under the presidentship of Shri Kheraj Obhaya Gala a meeting was held by the villagers of Pragpur and decided to establish "Pragpur Mahajan".
    • On 20-11-1954, under the presidentship of Shri Veerji Heera- Interim officer’s Board was formed.
  • 1955: 
    • On 1-6-1955 the constitution of "Shri Pragpur Mahajan-Mumbai" was implemented.
    • On 2-8-1955 Shri Velji Ranshi Bheda was voted as first president of the Mahajan and the first official Board came in to existence. The office was held at Shri Premji Ramji & Co.297, Bhat bazaar, Mumbai-9.
  • 1956: 
    • To start a bus service in the village, the village youth came together and labored a major act of constructing a fair weather road from Shamraj Peer to Kapaya , up till Duss pool and from Shamraj Peer to Pragpur.
  • 1958: 
    • On 19-1-1958 probably the first picnic of the villagers was organized at “Vihar Lake” in Mumbai. Today it is a surprising tale to tell that every major was charged Rs.4 (four) and a minor Rs.2.50 (two rupees fifty paise).
    • On 2-2-1958 onwards every street was lit with kerosene lanterns.
  • 1959: 
    • On 18-4-1959 A hand pump was installed on Meethi vaav well with good hands of Shri Raghavji Lalji Kheraj.
    • On 14-12-1959 in the memory of Umarbai Champshi Bharmal, her daughters donated to build a bus stand at the village out skirts.
  • 1961: 
    • On 26-1-1961 “Pragpur Gram Panchayat” was formed and Shri Ramji bhai alias Popatlal Khimji Shripal Sangoi was voted as first Surpanch. After him, his successors Shri Lalji Murji Sangoi, Shri Meghji Lalji Gala and Shri Ratanshi Lalji Sangoi were appointed.
    • On 20-7-1961 Under Gujarat state, to demand the presentation of the benefits of developing Mundra Taluka Shri Keshavji Ratanshi Soni and Shri Nanji Vershi Vora went to Patri village.
    • On 4-12-1961 As Mundra taluka became a developing village, so in order to raise funds while Shri Velji Ranshi Bheda was the president a drama “Sanskar Lakshmi” was performed at Birla Matushri Hall in Mumbai by the Desi Drama Society. Rs.48, 000 funds was raised. From this amount, in the village outskirts complex-a new school building was built, water tank, bathrooms for gents, clothes washing pit for ladies and a flour mill was constructed.
  • 1962: 
    • In the year 1962 “Shri Pragpur Mahajan-Mumbai’s” constitution was implemented. Shri Premji Ramji Vora, Shri Keshavji Ratanshi Soni and Shri Nanji Velji Bheda were elected as first trustee. It was in this year “Shri Pragpur Jain Yuvak Sangh” was merged with Shri Pragpur Mahajan.
    • On commemoration of the Centenary year of Pragpur (100 years of establishment of the village) on 3-12-1962 milk was distributed to the villagers. Besides, inauguration of a new school building was done by good hands of Shri Heerji (alias kakubappa) Kuwarji Dedhiya.
  • 1963: 
    • On 24-2-1963 the school got approved by the Government, so to run the school it was assigned to the government.
    • On 23-6-1963 local kindergarten was started and Hemkuwar ben Vasanji was appointed as the teacher, and the inauguration was done by Shri Khimji alias Velji Pasu Furiya.
  • 1964: 
    • By installing oil engine, water scheme and flour mill scheme was started at the village outskirts complex.
  • 1966: 
    • on 6-1-1966 Shri Keshavji Ratanshi Soni issued the census report.
    • On 17-6-1966 at the occasion of a marriage of a village girl, it was decided that the bill be payable by the groom’s side.
  • 1970: 
    • on 15-5-1970 6 months ago, because of payment deposited in advance our village was shining with electric lights.
  • 1972: 
    • Under the registration No. E-5078/Mumbai “Shri Pragpur Mahajan – Mumbai” was recognized as an organization by the charity commissioner. So chartered accountant of Pragpur village Shri Talakshi Ratanshi Soni’s, M/S T. R. Soni and co. was appointed as the first auditors to this organization.
    • A mass picnic of the village was organized by boat from Gate way of India to Eliphanta.
  • 1973: 
    • Under the president ship of Shri Mansukh Tokershi Deraj, The village youngsters formed association called “Pragpur Navyuvak Mandal”. Many inspirational activities were undertaken by this association like arrangement of bench to sit around the banyan tree at the village outskirts, changing street lights from bulbs to tube lights, for students starting a book bank and free distribution of school uniforms.
  • 1974: 
    • on 26-1-1974 Office of Shri Pragpur Mahajan-Mumbai was shifted to Shri Kheraj Obhaya Gala family shop “Gala Embroidery, Chinchbandar, and Mumbai-9”. It continues to be there up till date.
  • 1980: 
    • Resp.Dhangauribai Mahasati ji of Shri Cha Koti Jain Sangh left for her heavenly abode.
  • 1985: 
    • To provide facility for the villagers and passers-by bus station “Visamo” was constructed on Pragpur Road by Shri Lalji Lakhamshi Charitable Trust.
  • 1986: 
    • It was decided that, on the occasion of her marriage every village girl should be given “Kanyadaan” by the Pragpur Mahajan. Smt.Hemkuwarben Vishenji Jain was honored on her retirement as kindergarten teacher.
    • 28-6-1986-On commemoration of Shri Shivji Bharmal Sangoi and matushri Shri Kuwarbai Shivji Sangoi-Shri Ravji Shivji Sangoi donated a cemetery and a rest house and dedicated to Pragpur Mahajan.
    • On 12-10-1986, First booklet “Pragpur Darshan” containing various information about the village was published.
    • On 17-10-1986, it was decided that a Nandi Gruh must be built, by the Pragpur Mahajan.
  • 1987: 
    • Through common efforts by the villagers, an association/activity without the officer class came in to existence. In other words people visiting the village for a short period, weak or single local villager…Helpful and like a blessing to all “Jain Bhojanalay”. In place of old school i.e. Kindergarten was opened with Resp.Muni, Shri Bhasker ji swami’s blessings and auspicious presence. This was inaugurated by mother Jethibai Tokershi Gala’s good hands. Villagers cooperated whole heartedly, so even today the mess is managed in the best way.
  • 1989: 
    • Accounting year from Diwali to Diwali was changed to 1st April to 31st March.
    • February, a picnic was organized to Gorai Beach for the villagers with fun and enthusiasm. During this time zealous and enthusiastic ladies decided to form “The Ladies Club of Pragpur” under the president ship of Ms.Chandrika Kheraj Gala there and then.
    • On 19-3-1989, Ms.Chandrika Kheraj Gala was honored as she was elected as first ladies member of the executive election of Pragpur Mahajan.
    • On 30-4-1989, To raise the fund for renewal of Library and Platform, Rs.1000/- was collected per person. Through a lucky draw the name was decided to be written on plaque. For the platform (chabootra) matushri Jethibai Tokershi Obhaya Gala and for Library Shri Premji Amarshi Gala’s name was written on the plaque.
    • On 9-6-1989, the celebration of collective worshipby the villagers at every place of worship in the village was performed with great zeal; even today it is regularly celebrated each year.
    • On 21-6-1989, at the place of Valji Premji Khimasiya "Mahila Gruh Udyog" was inaugurated by good hands of Shri Raghavji Nenshi Cheda.
    • On 10-9-1989, the first "Kshamapan Milan" of the village was held at Matushri Velbai Hall in presence of 460 people.
    • On 15-10-1989, In Velbai Hall- Matunga, under the presidentship of Ms.Chandrika Gala, and under the auspices and guidance of "The Ladies Club of Pragpur" first "blood donation camp" of the village was organized. 39 bottles of blood was collected. In the evening, program of "Dandiya Rass" was organized and every villager got a chance to dance at the rhythm of drums and bagpipes.
    • On 10-12-1989, Planned by "Shri Pragpur Mahajan-Mumbai" and operated by the Ladies Club of Pragpur, a get-together was organized at Manav Seva Sangh Hall-Sion under the guidance and management of Ms.Chandrika Gala, where talented artists of the village itself performed in a magnificent and colorful cultural program. This ceremonial occasion was graced by the presidentship of Shri Talakshi Ratanshi Soni and giving respect to our invitation Shri Vasant Bhanji Lakhamshi from Vadodra was our special guest for the occasion. After seeing the program Shri Lalji Nanji Narshi Dedhiya was very impressed, so, to encourage the participants he arranged for a picnic to Matheran for every participant of the cultural program.
    • This way during Shri Anandji Gangji Dedhiya’s presidential tenure. 1989 remained vibrant with activities from beginning up till end.
  • 1990: 
    • again under the guidance of “The Ladies Club of Pragpur” a picnic to Alibagh Beach was organized.
    • On 25-5-1990,
      1. A water kiosk “Sheetal Dhara” was inaugurated by Shri Ramji Hirji at Pragpur Road, This water kiosk was built by his own charity.
      2. With tact and diligence of Trustee of Shri Kutch Mahajan- Shri Vaalji Nenshi Chheda and honorary secretary of Mumbai Mahajan- Shri Dhanji Veerji Dedhiya, water supply in every house and water evacuation scheme was inaugurated by Shri Dhanji Veerji Dedhiya.
      3. Inaugaration of Library was done by Shri Vaalji Nenshi Chheda.
      4. Religious elder Shri Chapshi Maalshi Bauaa inaugurated the Platform (Chabootra).
    • On 16-12-1990, the villagers participated with great joy in the picnic organized by “The Ladies Club of Pragpur” to Madh Island.
  • 1991: 
    • 26-6-1991, a resolution was passed that on the occasion of the marriage of a village boy (groom), Out of total amount received from the bride’s side as bill, 25% of the amount should be allocated to the village by the elders of the grooms family.
  • 1992: 
    • On 9-1-1992 “the Ladies Club of Pragpur” planned second cultural program of the villagers at Kalidas Hall-Mulund, Smt.Maniben Raghavji Sangoi took the responsibility as the President of the ceremonial occasion and Shri Dungarshi Premji Khimasiya graced the occasion as the special guest. This program was managed successfully by the budding youngster Nikhil Manilal Sangoi.
  • 1993: 
    • On 24-10-1993 Resp. Swatibai Mahasati of Shri Cha Koti Jain Sangh heavenly abode.
  • 1994: 
    • Jyotsanaben Public Hospital was started by Jiviben Morarji Foundation in the 4th street.
  • 1995: 
    • A sanatorium named Matushri Umerbai Lakhamshi Veerji Vora Arogyadhaam and Ajramar Guest House was constructed with various facilities by Shri Pragpur Sthanakvasi Cha Koti Jain Sangh. At its inaugural occasion free visit for the villagers to Pragpur was organized. The inauguration function was celebrated with great zeal and in presence of a wide number of people. Villagers since then are able to use the facilities provided by Arogyadham.
    • On 11-12-1995, renewal of trough was done from the donation given by Shri Lalji Nanji Narsinh Dedhiya and the renewal of bus stand was done by the donation given by Shri Ramji Heerji at the village outskirts.
  • 1996: 
    • A bore was done on the trough and a submersible pump was installed to solve the problem of drinking water for the cattle through the donation of Rs. 1000 each given by the villagers.
  • 1997: 
    • Shri Manilal Ravji Sangoi donated a plot of 40*60 from his farm to Pragpur Mahajan as charity in the memory of his father, to solve the problem of drinking water.
    • Around this plot a fence was put up, bore well was done and two rooms were constructed and a water tank of capacity 35,000 to 37,000 liters was installed at a height higher than before by Shri Bhanji Lakhamshi Gala’s family (at present at Baroda) and presented it to Mahajan, which even today is recognized by their name.
    • On 21-5-1997, utensils of about Rs. 25,000 were presented to Kutch Mahajan as gift from Matushri Nanbai Pasu Malshi. Also, Smt. Kalpanaben Shantilal (from Madras) gifted 12 pieces of wooden mold (a device to prepare Godpapdi in bulk) to Mahajan.
  • 1998: 
    • On the unfortunate day of 09-06-1998, entire Kutch was hit by a fierce and terribly powerful hurricane. Many houses of our village were affected as roofs and tin sheds were blown away, and there was a power cut. Seeing the situation, the office bearers of the Mahajan present there took an important decision to buy a new generator and used it to supply water to the villagers hence making water available for all.
  • 1999: 
    • On 10-01-1999 Young group of Pragpur organized a picnic at the Silent Resort.
  • 2000: 
    • Matushri Ladbai Devraj Devu Pathology laboratory was opened in street no. 4.
    • On 06-03-2000, a charity fund (Jeevdaya Kayami Fund - permanent fund) was sanctioned. Name-details (1) Matushri Vejbai Ratanshi Soni “Jeevdaya Kayami Fund” by Kanchanben Talakshi Soni.
  • 2001: 
    • On 26-01-2001 entire Kutch was shaken by a disastrous earthquake. Due to the Initiation ceremony being held, large numbers of people were present. By the blessings of elders and Shri Aanth Koti Nani Paksha respected Acharya Raghavji Swami and other saints there was no loss of life except some minor monetary and materialistic loss. The initiation ceremony ended well.
    • For the initiation ceremony to be conducted well, Shri Nagji Heerji Veerpar Gala gave its responsibility to Shri Sangh and Shri Sangh passed on the responsibility to Shri Pragpur Mahajan, Mumbai.
    • Inspite of the adverse conditions due to earthquake, Shri Mahajan carried out this noble act hassle free with simplicity and vigilance.
    • On 29-12-2001, two permanent funds offer were sanctioned.
      1. Matushri Jethibai Nanji Dedhiya – Educational Permanent Fund
      2. Kheraj Obhaya Gala – Medical Permanent Fund
  • 2002: 
    • On 24-02-2002, in the launching of “Pragpur Darshan 2001” – introductory booklet and “Sampark Setu 2001” – Telephone directory, a get-together was organized in the honor of the donors.


We are all descendants of the caste Kutchi veesa oshwal.


Oshwal is our caste. Originally our ancestors were Kshatriyas and Rajputs of Agnikool race. In Vikram Samvat 1222(AD1166 ) approximately 835 years back Jain saints would meander in Marwad. These saints gave the Kshatriyas and Rajputs the knowledge regarding Jain religion and awakened them. They thought the crux of non violence to the people and made them vegetarian and there by followers of Jainism. Thereafter, by gathering 36 lineage of Rajputs and Kshatriyas who had a hold on authority in Marwad, Sindh, Punjab, Mewaad, Parker regions, and again from these uniting 18 lineage for constituting “Oswad region” for their inhabitation.

Jain Kshatriyas constitute Sisodiya, Parmar, Chauhan, Solanki, Rathod, Chavda, Padiyal, etc, tribes/genes (according to their high or low status).The Kshatriyas of Marwad lived in Oswad, Porwad, Shrimal, Khanderwad, etc regions and so they were known in respect of the regions in which they lived.

With the passage of time in 12th century, Due to Drought, tyranny of the heretic people who forcefully converted to other caste, other torture and harassments, to save Jain religion our forefathers migrated from Tharparker dessert and Sindh to the land of Kutch in to Vagad region.


During the pratishtha of Delvada all the Jain leaders were called for to decide the social customs, traditions and rules in the 13th century. At that time 20 rules and regulations were decided up on, those who accepted all these 20 rules were known as “Visa” and those who accepted 10 rules were known as “dasa”.

Eventually, the oshwal families who reached Kutch, lived in different parts of Kutch. As time passed all of them were geographically divided in four sections. Every leader of each section was appointed as “patel” of the guild; this chair of the “patel” was a designation or a post –which they called as “manji”, so this post of a Manji was with a person with a certain surname.

  1. Halar department:

    52 villages Manji,-first Patel Sumariya, surname, “shah”.

  2. Kanthi department :

    52 villages Manji,- firstly in Bhorara, then in Bhujpur, surname “Dedhiya”.

  3. Abdasa department:

    42 villages Manji,- First at Kothara village and then at Sabharai, surname “Gosar”.

  4. Vagad department:

    24 villages Manji at village Lakadiya, surname “Gada”.


From Rajput we became Thakur and because we traded as we were Merchants we are known as “Shah”, we were in over-seas business so we are also called “Vaniya”. During that period of time we lived in Kutch so our mother tongue is “Kutchi”.